On meeting Heather at our antenatal class, with her super-relaxed and pleasing manner, I was immediately blown away.  At first my husband said ‘surely this is for the mom only’; I dragged him along and he was immediately hooked.

Heather succeeds in staying impartial to all questions, which is extremely difficult, as you may imagine, to all doting new parents to be!

She immediately crept into our hearts – and that had nothing to do with her weekly death by chocolate cake!

My experience with Heather was really established, though, the day I was to leave hospital with my brand new little girl. I had no idea what I was doing and had breast feeding issues. She arrived at the hospital within the hour and not only helped, just calmed me down.  The day we left hospital, I asked her to meet us at home and without hesitation Heather was there!  Her help was priceless then and has been on numerous occasions since.

– Monique