Heather runs antenatal classes in Cape Town weekly on Tuesday evenings in Mouille Point, and Thursday evenings in Newlands. Each course runs once a week for 6 weeks, from 7 until 9pm and costs R2400 . There is a 7th class  exclusively for the Dads.  Class size is 6 to 16 couples, and it’s a great opportunity to make friends with other couples living close by, which provides a wonderful support network for you once your baby has arrived.

Book online!

  1. Use the Thula appointments page to book your class, in Rondebosch or Mouille Point venue.  Look at the schedule below, and book for the first class. Please supply your name, surname, cell phone number and email address, in order to make the booking.
  2.   Once your class is fully booked Heather will email you to confirm and ask for payment.  You can find her bank details and Snapscan QR code here.  Her email address is: heathjoywood@gmail.com.
  3. You can also email  if you have questions, or need to change a booking.

Look forward to meeting you!

Atlantic Seaboard classes

The Atlantic Seaboard classes are held on Monday/Tuesday evenings at the Thula Baby centre in Mouille Point.  This is on Beach rd opposite the lighthouse and behind Cafe Neo.  Parking is available directly outside the clinic.

Address: South Seas, 129 Beach Rd, Mouille Point

Class dates for the Atlantic Seaboard in 2019 are:

  • Tasha Monday 14th January to 25th February ( full)( Dad class on 30th Jan)
  • Heather Tuesday 15th January to 26th February ( full) ( Dad class on 31st Jan)
  • Tasha Monday 4th March to 15th April ( Dad class on 20th March)
  • Heather Tuesday 5th March to 16th April ( full) ( Dad class on 28th March)
  • Tasha Monday 22nd April to 3rd June ( Dad class on 2nd May)
  • Heather Tuesday 23rd April to 4th June (Dad class 9th May)
  • Tasha Monday 10th June to 22nd July ( Dad class 19th June)
  • Heather Tuesday 11th June to 23rd July ( Dad class 27th June)
  • Tasha Monday 29th July to 2nd September ( Dad class 7th August)
  • Heather Tuesday 30th July to 3rd September ( Dad class 15th August)
  • Tasha Monday 16th September to 21st October ( Dad class 25th Sept)
  • Heather Tuesday 17th September to 29th October ( Dad class 3rd October)
  • Tasha Monday 4th November to 9th December ( Dad class 13th November)
  • Heather Tuesday 5th November to 17th December ( Dad class 21st November)

Southern Suburbs classes

The Southern Suburbs classes are held by Christina on Monday and Heather on Thursday evenings at Kelvin Grove  in Newlands from 7 til 9pm . A 7th Dads class (just for the men) is held at Thula Baby Centre in Mouille Point.

Class dates for the Southern Suburbs in 2019 are:

  • Heather : Thursday 17th January to 28th February (full) ( Dad class 6th February)
  • Christina : Monday 21st January to 25th February ( Dad class 7th February)
  • Heather : Thursday 7th March to 18th April ( Dad class 27th March)
  • Christina : Monday 1st April to 6th May ( Dad class 17th April)
  • Heather : Thursday 25th April to 5th June ( Dad class 8th May)
  • Heather : Thursday 13th June to 18th July  ( Dad class 26th June)
  • Heather : Thursday 1st August to 12th September  ( Dad class  14th August)
  • Heather : Thursday 19th September to 31st October  ( Dad class 2nd October)
  • Heather : Thursday 7th November to 19th December  ( Dad class 20th November)

Antenatal Classes in Cape Town – Course Outline

1. Introduction

  • Getting to know one another
  • Discuss expectations/needs/aims of the course
  • Danger signs in pregnancy .
  • Planning for parenting: a look at our values and those of the family we grew up in

2. The Process of a Normal Labour

  • Advantages and disadvantages of vaginal birth and c/section
  • Anatomy and physiology in pregnancy and labour
  • Signs of labour
  • Details and stages of labour and delivery
  • What to pack for labour
  • When to go to hospital

3. Pain Relief

  • What causes the pain/relieves the pain
  • How to cope using natural methods
  • Drugs in labour
  • Epidural
  • Preparing for parenting: comparing ‘success’ at work to ‘success’ as a parent

4. Variations in Labour

  • Contraindications to vaginal delivery
  • Assisted/instrumental delivery, induction
  • C/section
  • Parenting preparation: potential lifestyle changes
  • Baby Basics: what you need/may want

5. Feeding your Baby

  • Advantages/disadvantages of breastfeeding
  • The ‘how to’ of breastfeeding
  • Formula feeding basics

6. Parenting Skills

  • Baby bath
  • Care of your newborn
  • Settling a fussy baby
  • Sexuality, sleep
  • Postnatal depression.