Nikki wrote a lovely, informative blog entry about Heather, Heather’s antenatal classes, and Thula Baby centre entitled “Antenatal classes in Cape Town. The best ever.”; here are some of her thoughts:

“Heather is honestly one of the nicest woman I have met. Heather is warm, totally approachable, soft but brutally honest and just plain loving.

Heather … was so incredibly supportive of everyone’s decisions and ways in which they wanted to go about the labour and birth process. We were all able to speak so openly and honestly and we really got to engage in conversations I didn’t think could get that personal with people we don’t know very well.”

– Nikki S

You can read Nikki’s full blog post here: “Antenatal classes in Cape Town. The best ever.”

Full details on Heather’s antenatal classes in Cape Town (Atlantic Seaboard and Southern Suburbs) can be found here.