My vision is to provide the best possible antenatal preparation to couples, and care of mum, baby and family unit after discharge from hospital.

That includes expert help with breastfeeding, newborn care and parenting skills, including settling a fussy baby, routine, starting solids, sleep advice and vaccinations.

I want to see my mums and dads confidently enjoying their babies, whether they breast or bottle feed, work or stay home; free to identify and follow what works best for them and their child.

My view is that every family unit is unique and that every parent is doing what they believe is best for their child; and my approach is get to know the families I care for and tailor my advice to their individual needs.

I place a lot of emphasis on connecting new mums as well as expectant mums. I constantly get wonderful feedback about the powerful support these connections bring through shared feelings, resources, contacts , wisdom, and normalising many of the overwhelming feelings that being a new mum brings.

I strive to build a caring and supportive community around my clients by facilitating the networking between them, myself and other healthcare professionals in the area who are experts in their fields.

These practice guidelines are an effort to put my vision down in a way which will guide my decisions about the practice I run.